Women adore them. Men lust for them. When the Mustang first appeared, it opened to rave press reviews. People everywhere stopped in their tracks to watch as one went by; here was a sports car anyone could own. Americans were fascinated with these fabulous new cars. They became an instant classic and revolutionized the automotive industry. Today they are prized and coveted collectibles. Dynamic styling made the Mustang America's favorite "pony car"; a true thoroughbred of the road. Their magnetic appeal drove millions wild to possess one. These stunning cars took America by storm and became a legend in their own time.

     Jerry and his wife Mavis are the owners of Telstar Motors in Mitchell, South Dakota. They deal exclusively in Mustang and Shelby restorations. In addition, Jerry and Mavis are the founders of the first Shelby and Mustang museum containing at least one Shelby from every year and model of production. "Many people had talked about starting a Mustang and Shelby museum, but they actually did it in 1990." 

The museum resulted from their constantly growing personal collection which started in 1979. People came from all over the world, including Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, France, Japan, Germany and Australia to see this collection.

Jerry and crew restored every car, from placing the bodies on a frame jig to ensure perfect alignment to hand painting instrument needles. Every bolt in these classic cars has been removed, inspected, cleaned and rethreaded or replaced. All the Cobra and Shelby titles were autographed by Carroll Shelby.

     Jerry has been in business since 1965 and his involvement with Mustangs dates way back to February of that year, when he purchased a brand new 1965 convertible. His first Shelby was in 1968.

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